You can establish online business with full package of system including products lists, customers' accounts, ticket support system, accounting system, delivery system, with simple control panel. In order to manage and control the operation of your business from the inventory to delivery. Besides, permission with all you employees and mentor them.
The economical modern business projects in last five years are e-commerce platforms. Thus, you can launch your business idea. In least cost, time and process. All these with less number of people. E-commerce can be customized as website and mobile app for Android and IOS. User-friendly IT projects that easy to use from different users.

LEZR For Information Technology offers full cycle of Mobile Applications including management services, integration and design. We create apps based on request whether it is for customers or for entrepreneurship project. Any idea you have, we will transfer it to mobile application.
Our team has created more than 30 apps with highly skilled results. Mobile apps development team have experience to validate the apps in term of business strategies and translate these into strong digital strategy for the mobile app success.


The features of the Mobile Apps with us.

  • Security & Compliance: Highly secured mobile application.
  • Speed and optimization: fast and professional performance.
  • UI/UX design: Create the design based on request.
  • Custom iOS and Android apps development: To solve problems that can bring success and noticeable improvement.
  • API integration: Integrate different api with the app like Google API & Facebook.
  • Maintenance and support: Our team with you if you face any problem needs technical support.

Tips regarding Mobile apps!

  • You are higly recommended to do financial analysis before asking for mobile app. So, develop a strategy that empower you to use the mobile app in harmony with your business.
  • There must be a running plan for your mobile app project to success and avoid wasting your money!
  • We will give you the real information that we have when you ask us to create mobile app for you. Your success is our priority.
  • Feel free to chat with us any time.

Get Mobile APP NOW!

We offer creating the apps for Android and IOS mobiles based on request with the above features. Our team are professional in creating mobile apps. We have experience in Swift, Kotlin, Java, Flutter, and React Native. According the required mobile, we will prefer what to choose to program the mobile app.


Mobile applications have become one of the most successful projects in the world. Especially after international trade became highly dependent on the Internet. For example, the Alibaba application has increased the company's productivity, increased sales in Chinese factories and companies, and facilitated the process of communication and product selection by users of the application around the world. The latest studies have also proven that more than 80% of Internet users around the world use the mobile phone by browsing the Internet, completing purchases and communicating. Even government transactions in most developed countries of the world use applications for general government services.